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March / Nissan 240SX

Spring is here! Its nice to see the sun and green things again! Also, to have an excuse to drink Iced Coffee! In the next couple months I hope to be doing more traveling and getting out of NYC a little more. I am currently attempting to put together a mobile recording setup to be able to record from wherever I am!

VO gigs for this month have included medical narration for McLeod Health, radio commercials for Cost Less, Plantronics Backbeat, narrating explainer videos for Wind2Share and Tealium IQ, voicing a talking Australian Pelican Tour Guide for the GoExplore walking audio tour in the Bahamas,  and e-learning prompts for APA.

As a fun little side note, this past month I started attending TV Puppeteering workshops with the Brooklyn Puppet Conservatory! So much fun! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the Muppets or Sesame Street!

For your listening pleasure, here is a fun little history of the Nissan 240SX that I narrated:


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