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National Association of Voice Actors

Official Announcement!

As a part of the advisory board for the National Association of Voice Actors, or NAVA, it is my honor to share the news that registration for regular membership is now open! What does that mean?

Members will have access to a host of benefits, resources, classes, and events.

One exciting benefit is the ability for NAVA members to have access to 4 health insurance plan options. Plans begin coverage in 2023.

Benefits of Membership include:

1. Exclusive Classes and Events
2. Pathways Initiative to guide voice actors through the different stages of their career journey, including education on union and non-union opportunities
3. Access to Health Insurance Offerings
4. Resources and education on emerging technology, AI, and synthetic voice production.

Visit to learn how to qualify and how to apply for membership!

That's not all!

Want to meet some of the members of NAVA, learn all about it, AND run for a good cause? Come out for the 2022 Drumstick Dash LA in North Hollywood! We'll be in the race! Visit for race info!


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