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A Virtual Reality Escape

In regards to the present and the future

Currently, the world is going through a terrible crisis. We have all been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. I wanted to take time to state that in these times I will keep on keeping on and continue to be working and recording from my home studio. My studio and my voice will be open and available for all projects! Recording sessions will continue as planned! I personally will stay safe and act responsibly as I hope everyone else will. In regards to our current climate, I have consistently recorded VO for many medical and healthcare clients in the past. One such was a VR tour of Philips Azurion a couple years back. If you can, be sure to experience it on Samsung VR, Oculus, or Google Cardboard!


Andy is a NYC based voice actor. Andy records voiceover for #characters, #commercials, #audiobooks, #videogames, #corporateexplainer videos, #documentaries, #elearning, et al.

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