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Voice Summit 2019

Last week I attended the Voice Summit conference at NJIT

I attended with some trusted colleagues and fellow voiceover talent and producers! We all learned a lot about the coming trends in AI Voices and how it will be applied to technology, apps, and our everyday lives. It was very enlightening! It also made us think about whether or not AI voices can measure up to Voice Actors like ourselves. From what we saw, and in my personal opinion, AI voices are a long ways away from being able to actually replace human voice actors, and they most likely will not in our lifetimes.

But its still interesting to think about.

Panel speakers included people spearheading initiatives in AI Voices for Pandora, Amazon Alexa, Google, et al. I highly recommend attending next year's conference if you want to learn more about AI Voice technology.

Link below for details for Voice Summit 2020!


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